Bristol Joshua Trust was set up formally in 2005 as a registered charity but has existed since 1998. The aim of the Charity is primarily to see transformation in South Bristol. The Charity has funded projects in South Bristol from parenting classes to providing work opportunities for ex-offenders.


2006 saw the launch of LoveBristol festival which involved a week of community action by 750 young adults followed by a weekend community festival. Bristol Joshua Trust also campaigns for better employment opportunities in South Bristol. The Trust has developed proposals for creating a major leisure attraction to help provide local employment, raise aspiration and make South Bristol a destination. The intention is that at least 25% of the attraction is owned by a charitable social enterprise so that profits can be returned for the benefit of the local community. It would also guarantee preferential rates for local residents and free access for schools with priority for local labour at real living wage not minimum wage.


The aim of this project and the Charity is to see South Bristol as a place where people thrive and are part of an economy that works for everyone. The aims of Joshua Trust match those of the Bristol City Council Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 where it identifies that the highest levels of deprivation in Bristol are all in South Bristol, with the exception of Lawrence Hill



Anne White

Anne runs a successful residential development company building homes in Bristol. She has been a trustee of several charities in South Bristol over the last 22 years. Anne set up Bristol Improve our Parks Campaign (BIP) in 1995 which received a Building a Better Bristol Award.


Kham Ariho

Kham lives in Bristol and is the founder of a charity in Uganda which seeks to provide orphans with an education so as to empower them to be successful and productive adults. Kham shares a passion for seeing young adults in South Bristol reach their full potential.

Alister Palmer photo.jpg

Alister Palmer

Alister is a retired vicar living in Bristol. He has experience as trustee of several charities and community organisations.